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Suggestions For Choosing Your Event Florals + Important Product Descriptions

These items are fairly straightforward to select based on the size of your wedding party and the other family members and important individuals attending your wedding. It is traditional for each bridesmaid to hold a bouquet, to compliment the one carried by the Bride. It is customary for the Groom and Groomsmen to wear boutonnieres. It is also typical for the fathers to wear boutonnieres, along with other suit-wearing participants in the ceremony like the officiant or ring bearer. We always design the Groom’s boutonniere to be a little different from the others. Corsages or our petite bouquets are typically carried or worn by mothers and grandmothers. Floral halos for the flower girls are too cute to pass up, and of course, we have petals for them to toss as they walk down the aisle!

Deciding on the size and quantities of centerpieces and other arrangements you need is a little less straightforward. We recommend printing out your reception layout or drawing a little map so you can better visualize where the arrangements will go and how many you need, rather than guessing on quantities. We have done our best to make it simple and straightforward, but if you are uncomfortable deciding this is a great task for a wedding planner.

Compote Centerpiece: These are great for 60" round tables, and guest seating tables. If you are piecing together a series of rectangular tables to make a very long table, you can space the arrangements out however you see fit, based on your budget and desired fullness. You can easily pair these centerpieces with the candles of your choice, or mix them with our bud vases.

Small Centerpiece: The smaller centerpieces can be used on guest tables for a more minimal look, or be used as focal points on surfaces like bars, coffee tables, gift tables and buffet tables.  They are more contained in size and shape than the compote centerpiece and, therefore, friendlier to smaller budgets or larger table counts. They’re also a nice, substantial touch for bars, welcome tables and cake tables.

Repurposing Bridesmaids Bouquets: You can repurpose bouquets in their vases on smaller surfaces, like highboys or in powder rooms, or group them together at guest seating tables– just keep in mind that the flowers might be a little droopy after a long afternoon of photos and ceremony.

Garland: Greenery garland is a great way to make a long head table look full. Simply choose the length of garland you'll need for the length of table you'll have to cover. If you want the garland to overflow onto the floor we suggest adding at least 6ft per side. If you'd like florals in your garland, add a Floral Bucket, break the stems, and weave them in!

Bud Vases: The most common way we use bud vases is to add a pop of floral to highboy tables. Bud vases can also be used in groups of 3 on the kinds of surfaces listed above for the small centerpieces. 

Finally, if you want a more minimalist approach to your table decor, or don’t feel your budget can accommodate a larger centerpiece on every dining table, think about mixing arrangements, bud vases, and repurposed bouquets or small arrangements. A group of 3 buds, or a staggered line of 5 or 6 buds mixed with candles, is a great way to incorporate budget-friendly flowers on your long tables. For round tables, we recommend a group of 5 or 6 buds mixed with a few floating or pillar candles at varied heights for a nice tablescape that will feel plenty full once the tables are set.

These elements are designed to create the illusion of custom installed floral pieces without breaking the bank.

Hanging Floral Badges: These are gorgeous displays of florals that you can add to an arbor, photo booth, adorn drapery tiebacks, hang on church doors; the possibilities are endless. For an arbor, you can create an asymmetrical floral look by attaching 2-3 badges using zip ties. These will require some installation on your part, but we promise it's super simple! Purchase zip ties that match the color of what you're installing to. Simply loop the zip ties through the anchor points on either side of the floral cage and then wrap around your arbor and secure. A ladder may be required depending on the height of the arbor.

*Pro Tip - you can purchase our garland to green your arbor and attach the badges on top to create a full arbor effect!

Ground Gardens: One garden measures approximately 2ft. These are arranged one-sided which means they will face one direction. There are two options for fullness of flowers – feel free to mix and match! Similar to the badges, you can combine trays to create stunning displays of florals. These work really well as aisle markers to create a stunning ground garden. You can reuse them at the reception to create a floral hedge on the stage, or surrounding your cake table. They fit perfectly on mantles, or ledges. Again, the possibilities are endless!

Statement Arrangements: These large arrangements are arranged in a flat plastic dish measuring 9" in diameter - the arrangement itself will measure 35"-40" tall and 35" to 40" wide. These can be dropped into any urn, or set on top of our rental columns!

Column Rentals: Columns are a great base for your statement arrangements. They can be used at the ceremony to make for a gorgeous and dynamic backdrop, and then moved to the reception to a buffet table, or to flank the stage or cake table!

***Subject to availability*** Client is responsible for transportation and installation of columns. Columns must be brought back to Wild Things the week following the wedding. A $25 late fee for each additional day (after 7 days post your event date) rented will apply. If not returned within 30 days, a $300 purchase charge will apply per column.

The flowers will match the rest of your color scheme and come loose in a bucket and ready to use as you wish! Each bucket includes an assortment of flowers both large and small plus greens and filler. You can add them to our greenery garland to enhance a head table. If you need styling flowers for the photographer, these are perfect for those gorgeous stationery shots.