$50 is our minimum spend for us to deliver your items, but you can have anything from us delivered – a bouquet, a plant, cut flowers, a gift, etc.!

We deliver to all of the Birmingham Metro area, and up to 30 miles away from the shop. Our delivery fees range by mileage from the store as follows:
1 to 6 miles - $10
6.01 to 9 miles - $18
9.1 to 14 miles - $26
14.1 to 16 miles - $38
16.1 to 22 miles - $50
22.1 to 30 miles - $65

Our drivers will first look for a safe, covered space to leave the bouquet. Our drivers will let the recipient know where the bouquet is left. In the instance that we are given the wrong address, and additional delivery fee will apply to bring the delivery elsewhere. If the address is a business and the business is closed, we will bring the delivery back to the shop and the recipient will need to pick up the arrangement, or the sender will need to pay an additional delivery fee.

We deliver between 10AM and PM locally. However, sometimes during busier periods like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas there is a chance we will deliver before or after this. However, most deliveries arrive by 5PM.


In short, no. Because we always want our flowers to be as fresh as possible, all of our designs are made-to-order. We'll arrange your flowers in your ordered color palette but with the very best flowers available that day. This means they will look slightly different to the pictures.

We sincerely do our best to ensure that every arrangement is perfect, but due to the nature of working with fresh florals we know that imperfections are inevitable. Get in touch with us and email a photo to hello@wildthingsbhm.com of the issue and we will take it from there.

To help your flowers live their best life, we recommend placing your vase at least three feet from any sunny window and away from any obvious heat sources (like a radiator). Bacteria build up is natural (and unavoidable) as the stems age. Change the water daily (or as often as you can remember) so your blooms are always getting fresh water. Trimming the stems at the same time as your water change will also ensure they're hydrating efficiently. Different flowers will bloom and begin to wilt at different times - removing any less-than-desirable-looking flowers will help keep their vase mates looking fresher longer!

Fresh cut flowers will last at least 3 days and can live up to two weeks if properly cared for. See the previous question for tips on how to better preserve your blooms.